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With a population of 1.493 million, San Antonio is one of the fastest growing cities in the U. S. Even though San Antonio is a big city, it has maintained its historical charm and small-town vibe.

Ever wonder what to do in San Antonio?
Do you want to know where the locals go in San Antonio?

About SMC

With over 20 years in the hospitality industry and a foodie that loves a great craft cocktail and beer, I truly enjoy letting every one of my customers know of all the gems in my city, especially those even the locals are not aware of. This website started as a handwritten flyer that I personally handed to all of my customers over the years as a bartender and server.



"Fantastic website! Nothing like it available! As a real estate and mortgage broker and instructor,  I can not express the value of how this website will be an asset to all those relocating to our area and for those who currently live here. Thank you for all this valuable information about our great city!"

Thank you!!! This was sooooo helpful! Wish more cities had this! We visited several of your recommendations and they were spot on!


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